Payments going mobile with NFC

Soon New Zealanders will tap smartphones instead of EFTPOS or credit cards to pay for things. It makes sense; we take our smartphones with us everywhere we go. They’ve become as essential as a wallet; we rarely leave home without either, so combining the two in a single device promises to make life easier and safer. [More]

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“Total Network is an asset to Gen-i and have brought commitment to supporting ESR. The team are always cheerful, willing to assist and would take the time to discuss concerns and respond to questions.  

Excellent communication skills and are extremely well organised and reliable.” [more]

– Institute of Environmental Science and Research

I must say it is absolutely amazing. The team that we are dealing with have exceeded expectations they really work hard to provide all the services we require.

Such a high level of service is very hard to come by these days. [more]

– Todd Energy